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1. Tables in limited numbers should be submitted with the captions placed above.

2. All tables must be included at the end of the manuscript.

3. They should be self-explanatory, clearly arranged, and supplemental to the text.

4. Tables in the word file should be separated by page break (each table in a separate page).

5. Each Table should have borders with normal style without any colored row or column.

6. The style of table should be simple.

7. Each cell contains only one paragraph or one line.

8. Place explanatory matters in footnotes, not in the heading.


Note: tables’ captions and footnotes must be a component of table (have a merged cell) but the surrounded lines of it have no/white color (such as table 3, exactly).




9. Do not submit tables as pho­tograph.

10. They should appear where the table should be cited, cited in the main text and in numerical order.


Note: We cannot accept tables as Excel or another format embedded into the manuscript. Tables should be submitted in the same Word format as your document.

Note: The same data should not be presented in tables, fig­ures and text, simultane­ously.

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