Journal information Annals of Applied Sport Science
تازه‌های علوم کاربردی ورزش
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Persian title
English title Annals of Applied Sport Science
Short title Ann. Appl. Sport Sci
Owner - FA
Owner - EN Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association (AESA)
Journal main language English
Second language of journal(title and abstracts) Persian
Journal subject Literature & Humanities
Journal type Research- Not-Approved
Frequency Quarterly
Stablish date 2012-12-01
Access type Full Free
Journal DOI(doi) 10.29252/aassjournal
Journal PII(pii)
Journal ISSN(issn) 2476-4981
Journal EISSN (eissn) 2322-4479
National library code
Ministry of health code
Ministry of science and research code
SID code(SID)
Secretariat address - Persian
Secretariat address - English
Secretariat phone +98 911 66 67 68 7
Chairman - Seyed Morteza Tayebi -
Editor-in-chief - Abbass Ghanbari, Niaki, -
Scientific Editor - -
Executive manager - Siavash Khodaparast Sareshkeh -
Site manager - Fatemeh Ghorbanalizadeh Ghaziani -
Journal update date 1397-10-9
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