by Scopus Title Evaluation Team Indexing in Scopus

 | Post date: 2017/08/20 | 
We are glad to announce that the "Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB)" has advised that the title will be accepted for inclusion in Scopus based on the reviewer comments:
• The journal now merits inclusion in SCOPUS.
• Citations are high.
• The organization of the journal impresses.
• The editorial policy, ethics and homepage all impress too.

You can see it by click on here. 

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Change of Journal Publisher

 | Post date: 2016/05/2 | 


We are proud to announce that

the "Ann. Appl. Sport Sci." started cooperating with the "Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association (AESA)". AESA is committed to empowering Exercise and Sport Science for improving fitness and professional conditioning through experimental academic research to train athletes and fitness clients to improve performance and fitness…


More information about AESA

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 | Post date: 2016/04/30 | 

We are pleased to announce that 

the "Ann. Appl. Sport Sci." could recieve the "Publishing Licence" for "Printing version" based on record number of 75818 in 28/09/2015 from the "Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance".

Also, based on this licence, we could recieve the print-ISSN (2476-4981) from "National Library and Archives of Iran".

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Indexing in Thomson Reuters (ESCI)

 | Post date: 2015/09/14 | 
We are glad to announce that the Thomson Reuters has accepted the Ann. Appl. Sport Sci. for a new edition of Web of Science launching this fall. The new edition, called the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)
Coverage will begin with journal content published in 2015.

you can download and see the Acceptance Letter and further information about ESCI from Here.

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Journal h-Index from Google Scholar

 | Post date: 2015/08/6 | 

It is pleased to announced that the Ann. Appl. Sport Sci. get h-Index 2 from Google Scholar.

You can see here.

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Impact Factor

 | Post date: 2014/09/27 | 

We are pleased to announce that "Ann. Appl. Sport Sci." get the first IMPACT FACTOR from "Science Impact Factor (SIF)". 

Impact Factor = 1.42
You can see directly from HERE.

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ICAASS Congress Website

 | Post date: 2014/07/25 | 
We are pleased to announce that the website of AASS conference is launched as "Permanent Secretariat of ICAASS (International Congress of Annals of Applied Sport Science)".
We are ready to help International and also National Conferences in Sport Science areas as publishing servises.

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First International Congress of Annals of Applied Sport Science (ICAASS)

 | Post date: 2013/11/4 | 
We are pleased to announced that Ann. Appl. Sport Sci. Intend to hold "1st International Congress of Annals of Applied Sport Science".

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Recruitment for Reviewers

 | Post date: 2013/08/22 | 

Ann. Appl. Sport Sci. operates following fields: a) Sport Physiology, b) Sport Management, c) Kinesiology and Sport Injuries, d) Sport Psychology and Motor Control, e) Sport Biomechanics, and its related branches. The editorial board welcomes you to join us to be Reviewer.


 Status: Part time

 Working language: English 

Working style: Internet-based

 Payment: Voluntary job, no payment  


 Reviewer's name will be listed on the journal's webpage; and they can receive “Review Certificate” automatically from their “personal review page”. 



 a). Possess a Ph.D degree in the specific subject related closely to the journal; 

b). Hold a job at a university or academic organization, in a teaching or research position;

c). Be fluent in academic and professional English; 

d). Have a strong interest in scholarly journal;

 e). Work quickly and accurately to tight deadlines. 


 How to apply 

1. Complete application form download here.

2. Send your application form to 

3. If you have any queries, please contact:

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