year 7, Issue 2 (Summer 2019)  

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  • The BOT-2 has appropriate validity and reliability as well as high sensitivity and characteristic in preschool children.
  • The teachers and mentors can use the BOT-2 test to evaluate and screen children aged four to seven years.
  • The BOT-2 can be used to evaluate motor skills and diagnose children with DCD.
  • In addition to educational and intelligence tests, the BOT-2 test could be used to evaluate children’s major and fine skills.

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  • Sports marketers and marketing researchers can use this scale to measure the factors affecting the behavior of impulse buying in sports.
  • Using this scale and the results they gain, sports managers and decision makers can prepare a marketing and sales strategy.
  • Due to the increasing development of e-commerce, this scale can be used with minor revisions for investigating the factors affecting impulse buying in sports.

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  • The Iranian volleyball federation obliges the professional leagues of volleyball clubs to evaluate their intangible assets by setting forth the related regulations.
  • The research section of the volleyball league organization makes club managers familiar with the concepts of valuation and intangible assets by holding workshops.
  • Some investigations are done on the improvement and development of the intangible assets.
  • The proposed model be applied identification of the intangible assets of some unprofessional volleyball clubs and their results be compared with each other.
  • The proposed model be applied in Rial valuation and price of each section be specified. Eventually, declare the real price for the private section.

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  • Nowadays, all sports fields, including basketball, are using the nature of sport as a strong ground for brand improvement. Therefore, the nature of the sport has been well represented as an effective factor in the Iranian Basketball League branding. The main factors such as sports industry, structure and organization of sport, the exclusiveness of sport, and liveliness of the event can be effective in designing, implementing, and improving the Iran Basketball League branding.
  • Factors such as the management of legal and international affairs, conditions of players, a particular audience of the sport, and its nature were identified as the strategies for improving basketball league branding. Therefore, brand promotion plans should be developed within the framework of these strategies.

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  • Branding strategy has been well-proven to increase brand value as an asset, so it is suggested to hold competitions and programs for brand-centric fans to promote this asset.
  • Effectiveness strategy is based on the products of the club, it is suggested that the club managers to focus on the products of the club and how to present the products to these strategies.
  • Networking strategy is a way to promote relationships of fans; the presence of fans around the club brand in social media should be organized. It is suggested that the managers o be active further in the development of communicative channels in this area and increase the interactions in order to use existing capacities appropriately.
  • Dynamization strategy is also a good way to improve the quality of interactions in social media and move towards raising the brand value of the club. Encouraging fans to reflect their opinions and maintain their interaction with the club is a good mechanism for value creation by fans.

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  • School sport directors should identify their stakeholders in order to better manage stakeholder relationships and raise stakeholder participation in school sport. Indeed, depending on the importance of each take holder, they will participate in school sport decisions.
  • School sport stakeholders should participate in schools sport decision-making and planning, in accordance with their participation goals and in line with the school sport programs and activities.

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  • Taking a comprehensive view of the competitive advantage helps football club managers gain a more competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • Gaining competitive advantage for football clubs requires full attention to the fans̓ satisfaction.

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