year 7, Issue 4 (Winter 2019)  

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- Fundamental development of different styles of martial arts in Iran;
- Expansion of martial arts for women and encourage them to take place successfully in Asian and global tournaments;
- Interaction and consultation with financial and sports sponsors;
- Interaction with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization and the broad reflection of martial arts activities by the national media;
- Establishment and deployment of a marketing and revenue generation system in the federation;
- Empowerment of human resources and effective communication and participation in international sports associations;
- Development of infrastructures and facilities of martial arts in Iran;
- Performing research activities and establishing a statistical information system for athletes, instructors, judges, and places in martial arts;
- Extensive supervision of the activities of martial art styles and places in Iran.
- The mission of the Iran Martial Arts Federation is relied on the following items:
- The familiarity of the various generations with different covered styles, increasing the number of male and female audience in Iran, and investing at the basic range, promotion of the scientific and technical instructors and coaches, and effective presence in Asian Federations, and taking place in in Asian and global events.
- The vision of the Iran Martial Arts Federation was determined by the Delphi method:
- The Iran Martial Arts Federation is developed at the national level with an appropriate rank and holding special position at international tournaments.

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- It is suggested to marketers to evaluate the satisfaction of their products in regular periods through field surveys among the consumer, and to note that as long as consumer satisfaction is high, his purchasing behavior increases from that product.
- Marketers and manufacturers should note that changing consumer attitudes is a gradual process that can gradually increase consumer purchasing.
- Consumers are advised to make a general program that is tailored to their needs before purchasing.

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The results of the research can help sports managers of free zones to:
- Provide students with a more authentic and enjoyable sport experience in physical education.
- Increase the skills of physical fitness, competency, literacy, and enthusiasm among students
- Organize the students into mixed-ability teams to stay together throughout the season.
- Turn the level of sport curriculum from a traditional and simple one into a standard and new which is similar to professional sport.
- Teach students to be responsible and regular in sport classes.
- Teach students to be cooperative

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According to the latest direct and indirect relationships between the variables and the modifications made in the model, we can propose the following model for the marketing of the volleyball league in Iran:
- It is suggested that considering the fact that management factor is one of the most important elements in marketing in volleyball, it is necessary for the managers to train before and during management training to enhance their knowledge of business strategy based on reducing costs and improving quality and product innovation.
- It is also recommended that the volleyball federation and provincial committee members form an effective and strong market presence in order to obtain the necessary information and create a strong database in the field of positioning and market segmentation of the market and provide the necessary solutions for the effective presence of this sport in the market.
- It is suggested that managers and officials take the necessary coordination between the Ministry of Sports, the Volleyball Federation and the League in order to overcome the gap between the current and desirable factors affecting marketing.

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- The present investigation comparing diabetics and non-diabetics aspires to establish a foundation for the development of effective tailored communication strategies to promote PA among the diabetics. The practical implications of the results presented can be summarized as follow:
- Providing robust and trusty evidence of the benefits and low risk associated with the exercise for diabetics is crucial, since the major barriers stated by them were the perception that exercise is not adequate to their health (18). The promotion of PA should emphasize the benefits to Diabetes and its safety.
- Lack of time and being with friends are not aspects referred to as vital by diabetics, so, PA promotion should not be grounded on these concepts.
- Light, outdoor activities seem to be preferred by diabetics.
- An important element to be considered is to decide who should provide counseling and evidence. In line with previous research (19), current results show that doctors are the best channel to convey information to diabetics. Results from non-diabetics are similar.
- Online PA promotion campaigns must be conveyed with personal information to be a specific target to that individual. Otherwise they are inefficient.
- Primary care practitioners can play a key role in promoting PAamong diabetics, both delivering adequate information and encouraging diabetics to become more active (20). Consider that PA promotion based on technology must be viewed as a potential solution of delivering tailored information.

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- This finding should encourage the professional football clubs to strengthen ties with the local residents to ensure that they are develop their positive perceptions on socio-cultural impacts of the clubs as well as decrease their negative perceptions on socio-cultural impacts of the clubs.
- It is important for professional football club’s managers to deeply understand and response to enhance the perceptions of local residents and/or spectators to let the professional football club develop sustainably.
- Regarding the valid and reliable scale for measuring the socio-cultural impacts of professional football clubs to local residents, it is suggested for the football league’s managers and/or executives; football club’s managers and marketers; and local governments on department of sports to employ this instrument to assess and receive useful information from local residents for improve the developing strategies for professional football in Vietnam.

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- The education policy for minority schools teachers should focus on the development of skills for various aspects of the educational process, due to the teacher’s multidimensional role.
- It is suggested that teachers working in minority schools should achieve their potential and develop considerable skills for classroom management.
- They need to be trained on how to react and how to deal with situations related to the social environment of the area of Thrace; they should develop skills for dealing with issues related to the student’s different mother tongue and religious beliefs and for cooperating with parents.
- Both teachers and PE teachers working in minority schools need to be trained on how to work in single-post and multi-post schools.
- Supporting teachers by providing them with feedback is considered as a necessary condition so as for the job stress to be decreased and the satisfaction to be increased.

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- The authors suggest that the correlations established between FAT and skin temperature, combined with the results of further studies, will allow developing a brand-new algorithm and state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring human health with IR thermography.
- In particular, the peculiarities revealed in the range of hip and shin temperatures can be used as criteria for diagnosing, for example, flat feet or varicose veins.
- A wide range of temperatures can also be a sign of neurologic, CNS-related, endocrine, and metabolic disorders.
- Early diagnostics of skin temperature with IR thermography can be used as an additional diagnostic tool in orthopedics, nutrition science, and endocrinology.

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