year 8, Issue 4 (Winter 2020)  

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  • Sports entrepreneurs, managers, and owners of sports academies must identify and utilize components of value proposition and customer segments to provide them with a variety of services for valuable sports enthusiasts.
  • This will enable the fulfillment of a broader range of needs and wishes of target customers, and hence, the sports academies can have a competitive advantage, accompanied by profitability, more significant market share, and ultimately further development.
  • Attention to the above services, as well as identifying other services that can be offered, can lead to the growth and prosperity of sports academies.
  • In addition to economic and financial development, this can significantly improve the health indicators in the country by attracting more people to sports and increasing health awareness.

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  • The results of this research can be useful for the planning of the audiences of the study such as the Ministry of Sports, the National Olympic Committee, federations, boards, education and even professional clubs and even sponsors of sports communities.
  • Considering that the population participating in the Olympic Games is of a specific age group, planning can focus on the age group and can be considered in future estimates.
  • Given that this research uses a theoretical model (PEST+S) and a neural network model, sport policymakers in countries can use the identified indicators and components in their future planning using this research with a scientific approach to have a more fruitful participation in the Olympic Games.
  • Other practical results of the research can be to modify expectations and avoid frustration with sports fans concerning the existing potentials.

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  • Developing a comprehensive plan for sports tourism in Mashhad.
  • Use of media and advertising interactions - One of the most important steps in the development of the sports tourism industry in the metropolitan area of Mashhad, is to introduce different opportunities, capabilities, attractions and possibilities of sports tourism in the city and province to the domestic and foreign visitors. The media are the benefactors of this movement by playing an influential role in the quantitative and qualitative developments in various aspects of life and in the development of communication from different aspects.
  • Use of experts as well as the cooperation of academics, elites, researchers and students in different areas of Mashhad sports tourism industry development
  • Holding training classes and specialized conferences and seminars to promote the culture of sports tourism in the indigenous community based on domestic and foreign sports tourism.
  • Investing in the private sector.
  • Increasing recreational amenities and infrastructure facilities; strategies for developing sports tourism will require a balanced growth, that is, the increase in the number of sports tourists require an increase in the infrastructure.
  • Investing in transportation and boosting in and out of city transportation.

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  • To improve Players performance, minimize injury risk and medical costs, coaches and trainers are recommended to implement FIFA 11+ and 11+ kids training programs at a pre-adolescent age.
  • Football Players should increase their awareness of injury prevention strategies and be familiar with FIFA warm-up programs more over learn to how perform each exercise with proper movement patterns.

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  • The method presented in the article could be effective for organizations producing a new product, seeking to meet clients' needs, achieve better results, and optimize the manufacturing process for Kayak Paddles, with a particular focus on: the structure of the material of the product, rigidity, the structure of the carbon fibre, and the number of fabric layers.

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  • EC has an important role in athletes and sports organizations to reach into the desired performance and to succeed because it was found in this study that EC of athletes influences their job satisfaction and life satisfaction. In this regard, sports organizations can make some practices to increase athletes’ self-reliance, self-management, and self-awareness abilities.
  • Job satisfaction is so important for every employee and athlete to enjoy the job and also the life, and to reach into the best performance. Thus, sports organizations should organize technical staff and athletes effectively to get the highest job satisfaction.
  • Life satisfaction is also so significant for everyone. In terms of basketball players, it can be said that sometimes athletes could have difficulties to adapt to local conditions of the city where the sports organization is located. Therefore, the technical staff of the sports organizations should pay attention to the personality traits, emotional and mental competences, and EC formation of players when selecting and employing them.

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  • This research is innovative law research because of its empirical foundations.
  • The seven priority components enable people and organizations to more easily prioritize tasks to solve infringement law problems.
  • An improved understanding and application of trademark infringement law would clearly benefit the Thai sports industry.

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  • It is advisable to use a semi-rigid cast for grade II lateral ankle sprain.
  • This material yields a better short term outcome compared with an elastic bandage, and not being much costly when compared with an ankle brace.

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  • Heart Rate Variability biofeedback training contributes to change in HRV, which can be an indicator of a psychological state. Thus, HRV biofeedback training is effective as an intervention program for stress and anxiety for elite athletes.

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