year 9, Issue 2 (Summer 2021)  

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  • Finally, it is recommended to design comprehensive websites for the marketing of attractions that have the potential of sports tourism in Guilan province.
  • It is also recommended that specialty television channels be established for tourism and sports tourism due to the marketing and advertising of sports tourism events and potentials in Guilan province.
  • On the other hand, it is possible to develop cultural tourism programs on the radio to develop sports tourism in the province due to its cheapness and easy access to the radio.
  • There are also measures such as need assessment, persuasion, awareness, effective communication, and modern technologies in the media field that attract tourists in different fields.
  • Therefore, it is suggested to encourage people to watch and participate in these events through the imagery of the various sports facilities, capabilities, and attractions in Guilan province.

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  • Thanks to this long journey of two pieces of wood, it has an important place in the world in terms of economy, tourism, and sports. No matter how much ski technology developed, we can see that skiing, which is the invention of the Turks, still preserves its first form today.

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  • To alleviate the barriers of participating in varsity competitions by South African student-athletes, student-athletes should be provided necessary support such as academic advisers and extra classes to help them excel in their studies.
  • Such interventions would help to increase the success rate of the student-athletes and promote their sporting careers.
  • As student-athletes are first and foremost students, they should not be regarded as athlete-students.
  • Rather, they should be provided all the needed support which would empower them to succeed in their chosen fields.

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  • In people with low back pain, the motor pattern and deep trunk muscles, which are responsible for maintaining the stability of the lumbar spine, change. Thus, more attention should be paid to exercise programs aimed at improving the lumbar spine stability and use them more widely in the treatment of these patients. For this purpose, it is necessary to perform stabilization exercises for training and retraining trunk muscles and control of extra trunk movements, and reduction of pain and disability in patients with low back pain, consequently.

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  • Brand equity makes the fans loyal.
  • The components of brand Authenticity are very important in creating a brand personality and brand equity, so Persepolis Club can improve its brand personality and increase brand equity by planning on these components such as history, fan communities, etc.
  • It is recommended that Persepolis Club establish its own museum. The establishment of the club museum shows the history and authenticity of the club brand.
  • It is recommended that Persepolis Club, by strengthening its fan base, control and guide their communities.

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This study provides data and information for coaches:
  • The last-minute of the competition was the highest intensity time in a three-minute competition (with 46.70% of attacks happening then).
  • The techniques of Ashi Barai and Gia Kuzuki were the most commonly used techniques among the techniques for scoring used by world champions what make the difference between world champions and other players.

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  • Parameters from the 3MT provide viable surrogates for MSS and ASR but more importantly, also provide valuable information regarding the critical metabolic threshold and fatigability constant in a much more time-efficient manner (i.e. a relatively straightforward 3-minute test).

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  • The normal posture alignment of the feet and lower limbs, as well as the stability of the feet, directly affects our body stability and walking ability in our daily lives. Therefore, it is necessary to check the condition of the foot arch to prevent secondary musculoskeletal problems caused by deformation of the foot arch.

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  • Since MS's etiological factor is not fully understood, it is a disease that cannot be treated for the etiological factor but can only be managed. In the early phase, respiratory physiotherapy applications should be an essential part of the treatment approach to prevent respiratory pathologies that may occur due to respiratory function impairment and significantly support patients' quality of life.
  • Physical activity, especially under professional guidance, provides MS patients with its positive effects on cardiorespiratory and muscular function, significant benefits in maintaining their functional abilities and reducing the incidence of potential comorbidities.

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