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1- Department of Sport, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.
2- Department of Sport, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia. ,
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Background. Injuries in football are often, and they cause many problems for clubs and players, for this reason, it is of utmost need to try to restrict them to the lowest possible level.
Objectives. The main objective of this study is to confirm whether clubs that regularly implement prevention programmes will have a significantly lower incidence of injuries than clubs that do not implement them or do not implement them regularly.
Methods. The sample of participants consisted of 340 football players who compete in the highest ranking of competition in Croatian football. Data collection was carried out in a prospective way, where the person in charge of a particular club entered data into the database every two weeks.
Results. A comparison of the application of preventive programmes with respect to their non-application shows a statistically significant difference in the occurrence of injuries (p<0.009), which means that a significant difference was observed between these programmes. The presence of injuries in clubs that use preventive programmes is 60.12% compared to 73.45% in clubs that do not use preventive programmes.
Conclusion. It has been confirmed that preventive programs reduce the frequency of injuries in the First Croatian Football League, exactly as the already proven reduction of injuries in other European leagues
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  • Determination of the exact number, severity, and type of injuries that appear in the highest rank of football in Croatia is data that wasn't known until now, and it can be used for a better understanding of injury prevention and reduce the number of them. In addition to the number, severity, and type of injuries, based on the results of the players' attitude towards injuries and the use of prevention programs, the results of the study can further develop the existing prevention programs that are used or propose the creation of own programmes based on the results. Another practical implication of the results with applicable remarks is definitely additional education of all medical and sports staff which is needed for all participants in the football game in order to make the implementation of prevention programs easier, more precise, and more productive.

Type of Study: Original Article | Subject: Kinesiology and Sport Injuries
Received: 2023/12/5 | Accepted: 2024/02/13

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