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1- Anatomy Lab., College of Sports Science, Korea National Sport University, Seoul, South Korea
2- School of Music and Arts, College of Music and Arts, Dankook University, Jukjeon, Korea
3- Anatomy Lab., College of Sports Science, Korea National Sport University, Seoul, South Korea ,
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Background. Band exercise can also reduce back pain by reducing unnecessary movement of the thoracic and cervical vertebrae adjacent to the lumbar spine. Looking at previous studies, activation of the deep lumbar muscles of the lumbar spine and restoration of mobility of the adjacent skeleton have a positive effect on pain relief.
Objectives. This study was to investigate the effects of self-fascial relaxation, stretching, and spinal mobility exercises using foam rollers and elastic bands on elderly women's back pain, pain disability index, and spinal joint mobility.
Methods. This study was performed on elderly women (65-75years) who had no surgical experience within one year, had more than one clinical result due to back pain, and maintained pain for more than 6 months. The subjects who participated in the study were divided into groups, group exercising with foam rollers and elastic bands, group B exercising without foam rollers and elastic bands, and a control. To see the effects of pain-related exercise, we assessed the subjects with the visual analog scale (VAS), Oswestry disability index (ODI), spinal flexion, and the range of spinal left and right joint rotation movement.
Results. the decrease in VAS (F = 9.976, p = .001,η² = .487) and ODI(F = 4.978, p = .017,η² = .322) was observed in all groups participating in the experiment, and the value of experimental group A using foam roller and elastic band decreased the most. As can be seen from the results of Experimental Group A, where the bending and stiffness of the spine were statistically significantly increased.
Conclusion. According to the significant result of A, the use of elastic bands and foam rollers is considered to be effective in improving chronic back pain and mobility of the spine.
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  • Adult women with low back pain during the current six months can use elastic bands for maintaining correct posture and developing body balance. They help increase spinal mobility and restore functional stability to the lumbar spine.

Type of Study: Original Article | Subject: Kinesiology and Sport Injuries
Received: 2021/01/11 | Accepted: 2021/04/10

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