year 4, Issue 3 (Autumn 2016)  

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  • The strategic proposals to eliminate the identified obstacles according to the results of the discussion are:
  1. Formation of Iran's organization of National Basketball Academy in the federation structure with the management of expert and relevant persons.
  2. Formation of the Strategic Council comprising athletic directors, coaches and experts to fundamentally and systematically formulate principles of the statute and regulation(s) by the National Academy of the Iranian Basketball Federation.
  3. Designations of the regular monitoring and evaluation system for academies.
  4. Codification of the comprehensive strategic talent spotting plan for the Basketball Federation academies.
  5. Establishment of the Department of Education for the promotion and integration of knowledge of coaches and referees.
  6. Development of the basic basketball sport and its subdirectories among students and members of the society and creating a healthy competitive environment.
  7. Development of the meritocracy system in recruitment academies' managers.
  8. Development of the Human resources, especially in the area of women's basketball academy.
  9. Codification of supportive regulations for optimum use and follow-up of proposed plans in order to achieve the goals of the basketball academies.
  10. Strengthening the marketing sector to attract public and private supporters and financial contributors for the basketball academies.
  11. Provision of the context necessary for the presence of the private sector in the construction and maintenance of facilities and infrastructures of academies.

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  • We have defined the exercise intensity at which maximal fat oxidation is observed as Fatmax.
  • Fatmax may have importance role for weight loss programs, and health-related exercise Programs.
  • Lipoxmax values are different and can be modifiable by some factors such as gender, puberty, training status, obesity and diabetes.

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  • It is suggested that the volleyball federation and provincial committees establish a powerful database in marketing and accurate markets distributions.
  • The volleyball federation and provincial committees should also enhance the effective presence of this sport in markets through providing the required strategies.
  • In order to bridge the gap between the optimal and existing conditions with influence on marketing, it officials at the ministry of sport, the volleyball federation, and league organization should cooperate more.
  • Use of coaches and holding competitions on different levels, that is the number and variety of the product, was the most influential factor; therefore, officials at the national volleyball league should focus on these elements more.

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  • Brand image is a suitable predictor of brand trust and can influence it. Through improving their brand image, companies can win their customers' trust to their products.
  • Through paying more attention to the atmosphere of the shops, adding more variety to the products, and improving the quality of the products, the companies manage to win the trust of their customers.

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  • This study shows that rural areas have strengths and weaknesses that are their own regarding the practice of leisure and PA for people with disability: close proximity, easier for the community, recreation and insufficient PA offers, unavailable and obsolete infrastructures and lack of volunteers.

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  • Most important factor affect sport consumer behavior was social class, so this finding suggests that people who are in same social class may have similar sport purchase behavior.

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  • Motivational techniques such as listening to music or watching clips that are used to enhance or maintain arousal, don’t lead to depleted self-control resources.

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  • GSOs are autonomous and main creators of the rules of conduct in sport
  • Since the second half of the 20th century the state has had more important role
  • Rules of conduct in sports could be divided into private and public segment
  • Benefits of term sports law vs. “law and sport”, “law in sport”, etc.
  • Risks of using the term lex sportiva.

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