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Explored strategies for academies of the Iranian Volleyball Federation are:

  • WO1: Formation of the Strategic Council comprising athletic directors, coaches and experts to fundamentally and systematically formulate principles of the statute and regulation(s) by the National Academy of the Iranian Basketball Federation.
  • WO2: Designations of the regular monitoring and evaluation system for academies.
  • WO3: Establishment of the Department of Education for the promotion and integration of knowledge of coaches and referees.
  • WO4: Strengthening the marketing sector to attract public and private supporters and financial contributors for the basketball academies.
  • WO5: description Clear framework for Recruitment of Efficient.
  • SO1 : Use experienced and educated sports managers with education and related background.
  • SO2: Development of the basic basketball sport and its subdirectories among students and members of the society and creating a healthy competitive environment.
  • SO3: The inclusion criteria for specified contracts and fees and all financial matters in academics regulations.
  • SO4 The use of volunteer physical education teachers to identify talent.
  • SO5: Organizing Class information technology applied to the Academy and to become familiar with new technologies.
  • WT1: Development of the meritocracy system in recruitment academies' managers.
  • WT2: The formation of specialized commissions of the National Academy Volleyball.
  • WT3: Information Field And encourage People to attract public attention to the Academy of volleyball.
  • WT4: Definition of salaries and bonuses for employees at the Academy of volleyball.
  • WT5: Codification of supportive regulations for optimum use and follow-up of proposed plans in order to achieve the goals of the basketball academies.
  • ST1: Formation of Iran's organization of National Basketball Academy in the federation structure with the management of expert and relevant persons.
  • ST2: Academies introduced as an institutional development aspects of cognitive, social and motor in the community.
  • ST3: Strengthen legislation protecting private investment in basic volleyball.
  • ST4: Development of the Human resources, especially in the area of women's basketball academy.
  • ST5: Strengthening and activating the media sector in areas related to academics.

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  • It is recommended that in addition to taking into account all brand preference factors and to apply these variables in their products, it is also important to try to take a step in improving national and Iranian brands by appropriate national culture slogans and informing that choosing Iranian brand results to the country's progress and economic development.

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