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  • The problem of insufficient motor activity needs to be solved, this problem is often talked about, but there is still no optimal solution.
  • Teachers at school in physical education classes at school are recommended to include outdoor games in the lesson process. Such games not only increase students' interest in classes but also develop physical qualities, such as coordination abilities.
  • Subsequently, it is possible to study the influence of outdoor games on the development of other physical qualities in school-age children, for example, in the middle level.

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  • The necessity of building an intervention plan that focuses on developing stoic principles and emotional intelligence among budding athletes.
  • Provide the players with psychological skills, through training and educational meetings that advocate the efficacy of stoic principles.
  • The necessity to provide the findings of this study to the Federation concerned with the game and the Olympic Committee.
  • The necessity of holding workshops and training courses for workers in the sports field, particularly track and field, and various sports.

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  • This study confirmed the psychometric properties of SCQ-2 which consists of ten factors and two sport commitment dimensions. Through the validation of SCQ-2 in Malaysia, sports psychologists and practitioners can assess Malaysian athletes’ commitment and the factors that drive them to participate in sports. This could help sports psychologists and practitioners to foster the identified factors by designing a proper and inviting environment for athletes to promote active involvement in sports of athletes. In addition, SCQ-2 is also able to provide useful information on the factors and level of sports commitment before and after a period of the intervention program.

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  • This study provides evidence that the 5×5RS-C has sufficient reliability and validity to assess the psychological resilience of Chinese university students.
  • The 5×5RS-C has five factors (adaptability, emotion regulation, optimism, self-efficacy, social support) and 16 items, it is recommended as a tool to assess psychological resilience.

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  • Paying more attention to the required psychological training programs to maintain psychological wellness among volleyball players.
  • Holding guidance courses and workshops specialized in positive psychology for the workers in the sports sector.
  • Carrying out other scientific studies that tackle the relationship between psychological wellness and different social variables for individual and team games.

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  • Exercise protocols characterized by moderate to high intensity appear promising for sustaining or gradually elevating HDL-C levels.
  • High-volume training protocols in conjunction with weight loss and favorable dietary modifications seem to be the optimal strategy for improving HDL-C.
  • Further research with larger sample sizes investigating other types of exercise characterized by varied training parameters is needed to better establish the impact of exercise on HDL-C.

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  • Emphasizing the use of exercises using auxiliary means because of its extremely important impact on the development of the skill of catching and clearance the high-altitude ball among football goalkeepers under 15 years. The researcher recommends goalkeeping coaches use regular scientifically based training curricula when preparing special exercises in terms of the sequence of exercises used, the amount of load given, the duration of breaks during the training unit, and leaving random work. Conducting research and studies on games, events, and other skills at different age stages.

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  • Heat acclimatisation is an avenue for athletes in competitive sports in hot environments to understand and improve their performance, reduce the risk of heat-induced illness, and even improve better quality of athletes lives. Sports federations and trainers should encourage athletes to participate in HA programs to avail them of quality adaptation and know the dos and don'ts of the program. Hence, HA programs should include gradual exposure to hot environments, both with and without exercise.

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  • Relaxation of muscles involved in shoulder joint movement and stability was found to be effective in relieving pain and improving mobility, and the compression area for muscle relaxation was said to be more effective when the bony landmark was used as the standard. If this conditioning method is applied to other sports that require overpowering an opponent or using strong shoulder strength, it is believed that significant effects can be seen, and it should be noted that the timing, time, and number of applications must be taken into consideration.

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  • Although the MCT1 dominant genotype does not affect performance in swimmers, it is believed to have a significant impact on blood lactate levels. Swimming coaches should be aware of the MCT1 dominant genotype when determining the anaerobic/aerobic threshold levels of swimmers with blood lactate levels.

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  • ​Physical activity induces beneficial changes in blood lipid levels among patients with obesity and T2DM.
  • Exercise increases HDL-C and lowers plasma TG concentrations, TC, VLDL, and LDL-C.
  • Engaging in adequate and regular physical exercise also reduces the risk of insulin resistance and CVD.
  • Exercise-induced positive alterations are dependent on the exercise training parameters.

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  • Determination of the exact number, severity, and type of injuries that appear in the highest rank of football in Croatia is data that wasn't known until now, and it can be used for a better understanding of injury prevention and reduce the number of them. In addition to the number, severity, and type of injuries, based on the results of the players' attitude towards injuries and the use of prevention programs, the results of the study can further develop the existing prevention programs that are used or propose the creation of own programmes based on the results. Another practical implication of the results with applicable remarks is definitely additional education of all medical and sports staff which is needed for all participants in the football game in order to make the implementation of prevention programs easier, more precise, and more productive.

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  • The scientific contribution of this work is in favor of the fact that additional plyometric training lasting 15 minutes 4 times a week does not significantly affect the increase in RPE and wellness, therefore it can be concluded that low-volume training that has an effect on increasing fitness abilities in football players will not significantly increase the experience of psychological and physiological stress. Daily monitoring of the subjective feeling of load is a good and important tool for controlling athletes. This especially applies to younger athletes because it is an extremely effective tool that is available to everyone and does not require financial expenses. Educated experts in the field of strength and conditioning of athletes can monitor and plan the activities of their athletes in a simple and effective way using RPE and wellness questionary.

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  • It should be taken into consideration that intrinsic motivation is an important variable in recreational participation, and at the same time, recreation experience preference is also a significant factor. Therefore, it can be ensured that recreation programs can be organized in this direction by evaluating the relevant variables in different recreational field participation.
  • In addition, the effects of recreation experience preference and intrinsic motivation on each other and the relationship between them can be investigated with different sample groups.
  • Studies can be expanded by conducting similar research in different geographical locations.
  • At the same time, in addition to the quantitative research method, qualitative data can be obtained and the perspectives of the participants can be included by obtaining their opinions in the study.

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  • Coaches should train Amateur Boxing athletes to improve their reaction time to stimulus, general agility, and coordination of the nervous system and muscles, especially focusing on throwing double punches or combinations to gain a competitive edge.

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  • Research results show that it is beneficial to use less duration and number of repetitions of static stretching exercises and more dynamic stretching exercises in the applied warm-up protocols.
  • It can be said that individual warm-up exercises combined with a short-term high-intensity warm-up protocol, as opposed to the traditional 45-minute warm-up protocol, increase the vertical jump performance of women volleyball players.
  • Short-term high-intensity warm-up protocol is the best warm-up protocol to acutely improve vertical jump height in women volleyball players, when compared to traditional warm-up protocol and when each one is applied by itself.
  • It is thought that a short-term high-intensity warm-up protocol has a positive effect on vertical jump height and that including it in warm-up programs in sports where vertical jump is a performance criterion may have positive effects.

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  • The proper physical activity program under expert monitoring can prove that after joining the program for some period of time, all participants were good in the quality of life and life satisfaction dimensions. Therefore, there will be a benefit for those who would like to increase the height, if there would be more tall institutions to use this intervention for increasing the height. Moreover, generalizing the contribution of this study can develop the quality of life and life satisfaction through effective physical activity programs, and also foster the well-being of participants overall.

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  • When a dancer has a headache, it is recommended to check the tension of the suboccipital triangle, when there is back pain, check the tension of surrounding muscles such as the hamstring, and when there is pain in the ankles and plantar region, it is a good idea to check the structure passing through the tarsal tunnel as the relaxation target.

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  • Exercise is beneficial for health; however, it can also lead to the development of exercise-induced oxidative stress, particularly in anaerobic intermittent types.
  • Oxidative stress induced by exercise can be mitigated by utilizing antioxidant agents.
  • Strawberries serve as effective antioxidant agents, comparable in efficacy to the well-established vitamin E.

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  • Bariatric surgery shows a greater influence on anthropometrics than the multi-component exercise program in adults living with obesity.
  • A multi-component exercise program shows greater improvements in muscular fitness among individuals with obesity.
  • Clinicians and practitioners should promote multi-component exercise programs to their patients with obesity to achieve not only weight loss goals but also physical performance ones.

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  • Positive motivation and effective communication contribute to individuals being more successful in their sports lives, enabling them to reach their goals and objectives more accurately.

Abstract (175 Views) | Full-Text (PDF) (23 Downloads)   |   Highlights
  • The research result can be used for creating green tourism management strategies for creating the community’s economic value added from organizing the Jet Ski Competition, such as adding facilities for tourists and setting the group for preserving the environment in order to respond to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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