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Uncorrected proofs: articles that have been copy edited and formatted, but have not been finalized yet. They still need to be proof-read and corrected by the author(s) as well as by the managing editors and the text could still change before final publication.



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  • This study supports that a lumbar stabilization exercise program using respiratory resistance can improve motor function, psychosocial stability, balance, and respiratory pressure in female patients in their 40s with LBP.

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  • For this reason, to develop recreational sports through new technologies, the responsible organizations are recommended to increase their flexibility and accept new and innovative sports ideas by nurturing and employing specialized forces so that they can develop these sports by having a technological sports ecosystem for interaction between different institutions.
  • Another solution is to increase the strength; sports technology should be accepted as a sub-discipline in universities so that we can nurture many experts in this field.
  • Moreover, the discussion of the demographic needs and potential of society should be seriously considered in the marketing of these technologies to create a link between the developments of society and technology.

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  • It was evident in this narrative review the lack of research on the extension of science misconduct in sports science research. It would be important to make a more in-depth assessment of the main problems and their extent in this area of research.
  • Given the results of this narrative review, it is concluded that to reduce the extent of scientific misconduct in the area of sports sciences, two strategies must be followed: (a) Include in the academic program (master's or doctoral) program contents that address ethical issues in scientific research and (b) The need to establish codes of conduct that identify the main practices of academic misconduct and the sanction to which the practitioner must be subjected.
  • This investigation highlighted the role of the tutor in demanding compliance with ethical requirements in the research process he is supervising, denouncing abusive behaviors, and direct the investigation to why those behaviors are not often reported.

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  • It is suggested that Iran should have a say in sports like gymnastics, athletics, and swimming at the world level. This could be achieved when any involved organization pays special attention to sports. According to the results of this study, suggestions are made to pay more consideration to education and training, as well as to advance the situation in the country.
  • Due to the educational weakness dimension, it is recommended to use the word physical activity used in the content of preschool and primary school textbooks.
  • Concerning the lack of sports facilities and equipment, it is suggested that the country's schools be equipped with appropriate and quality sports facilities and equipment under sports and educational goals in different educational courses.
  • According to the educational weakness dimension, it is suggested to look at physical education and sports activities as an important course and also as a factor for the development and reduction of physical and mental illnesses in society.
  • Due to the lack of human resources, it is proposed that physical education graduates and coaches be employed to educate children in schools and colleges.
  • Owing to managerial weakness, it is suggested the scientific approaches, goals, and strategies in the field of physical education be determined and the priorities are evaluated by senior physical education directors.
  • Due to the lack of financial resources, it is recommended to prevent the uncontrolled expansion of school sports, especially those not applicable in schools or unsafe concerning students' health.
  • Based on the individual factors, it is advised that special sports facilities and equipment be provided for people with special physical conditions. They are treated like healthy people so that they also have the right to exercise and receive training.

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  • This research is a very high impact research for Esport industry in Thailand context because of its empirical foundations.
  • Collecting the data with number of the real key informants make the data more useful and applicable.
  • The promoting method in this research is concrete, and it would massively benefit for Esport industry in Thailand.
  • Considering of this research result by the public section as the data base in term of how to promote the Esport industry before announcing and enforcing any rules and regulation which might affect to the Esport industry in Thailand. 
  • Allocating & funding the budget from the public and private section, and coordinating among both sections with the times frame will be the best way for promoting the Esport industry in Thailand.

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  • The study offers, unlike other similar ones, the prevailing context diagram of the IDEF0 model for the implementation of the health care system for the formation of physical education among schoolchildren
  • Other studies may be devoted to the analysis of the main sports programs for the development of schoolchildren.
  • Other studies may include studies of the characteristics of physical education in a covid-19 setting.

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  • This article provides detailed suggestions for the inconsistent situation of golf coaches. These suggestions might be helpful to guide them to effectively train in the future. The theoretical model constructed for tacit knowledge transfer can be applied to research on other sports.
  • This study has some limitations. For instance, the model was constructed based solely on transfer and absorption capacities, but variables such as satisfaction, loyalty, and learning burnout could also have been included. Future studies should consider including other variables that could contribute to knowledge transfer performance, such as coaches’ sense of well-being or self-efficacy.

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  • This study is judged to be used as basic information in selecting taekwondo athletes.
  • This study is judged to be used as significant information in nurturing elite athletes as well as to confirm the relative age’s effect in various sports field.

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The findings of this study could be beneficial for provincial government as the only policymakers in developing their own performances and reputation in the national scale sports events. This study also offers such insight in order to create performance-based equal pay among athletes nationally. This is aimed to minimize the problem of the hijacking practices from one province to other.

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  • Further work needs to be done to educate soccer players and coaches about the importance of implementing the CAE and its effectiveness in reducing groin injuries to enhance the CAE implementation.
  • Courses that emphasize most updated Evidence-Based Injury Prevention Programs and exercises such as the CAE should be mandatory for all soccer players and coaches.

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Goalkeeper reactive diving performances (DT) are enhanced by similar mechanisms when ingesting caffeine or completing a PAPE drill. The ergogenic improvements are likely to be transferred to on-field performances on the basis that DT was enhanced within practically meaningful ranges.

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  • Based on the results of this study, it is believed that it can be used as meaningful information for calculating the Taekwondo rankings.
  • This study could be used more fairly in determining the rankings of Taekwondo athletes.

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  • PageRank algorithm has advantage of evaluating team and player’s performance more reasonably. In this study, MLB’s data is used and applied, but it is applicable in various kinds of sports such as football, basketball, tennis and others.
  • To apply it to many kinds of sports, it is required to confirm the validity of PageRank algorithm considering the features of each sports.

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  • We considered that a photo-elicitation strategy has helped us mine tacit dimensions within the constructed meanings of the participantsexperience.
  • Additionally, the finding represents a new look at physical activity experienced by those with transnational background and promises contribution to knowledge development, policy improvement, and practices regarding youth physical activity.

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Considering the benefit of conducting meta-analysis by combining the results of multiple studies, it would be worthwhile to investigate the impact of leisure activities among different ethnic/cultural/gender groups to determine if the effect sizes are homogeneous.
Additionally the categorization or classification of preferred leisure activities can also be determined depending on different aspects of group.
Given our current study used depressive symptoms as a dependent variable, a future study may examine the similar mental health outcomes including anxiety, distress, or sadness.
The results of the present study may be applicable not only to older adults without disabilities but also to those who have specific disabilities (e.g., dementia, Alzheimer, or arthritis).
A majority of older adults have limited access to leisure programs and are lacking social contacts outside their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it is important for health care and leisure professionals to develop preferred leisure activities that older adults can safely participate in during COVID-19 restrictions.

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  • The ability to produce and maintain maximal joint velocity and barbell velocity during weightlifting movements are crucial for neurological and physiological adaptations. Therefore, according to this study, implementing the 30s IRR protocol while performing these movements may produce a more superior stimulus leading to an overall increase in adaptation.
  • Strength coaches, athletes, researchers, and exercise practitioners can benefit alike from knowing an optimum duration of IRR protocol and the ability to implement IRR protocols to control neuromuscular fatigue and maintain a higher stimulus during weight lifting exercises, which could finally benefit during the competition for specific sports. The 30s IRR protocol could be the optimum duration for IRR protocol in an explosive activity like the snatch exercise.

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  • The present findings indicate a lack of concussion knowledge among female MMA fighters competing in MMA. This is a concern as this group is at risk for head trauma. Coaches and organizations should consider implementing appropriate measures to make sure athletes have the appropriate information regarding concussion and head trauma. Present findings also include important information researchers should consider when doing a study during a competition. Researchers should get the coaches involved; a successful pre- and post-competition evaluation could depend on their involvement as well as on an international team of researchers with a varied linguistic background.

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The findings reported in this study suggest the use of selected external stimuli during fitness testing for more objective measurement of student performance and thus their motivation. The practitioner should build an environment in which subjects will be able to achieve their maximal performance. For NAS it is advisable to use verbal encouragement or performance feedback, and for PAS, a combination of external stimuli for selected fitness tests of explosive strength and speed abilities.

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  • We recommend using the practical significance tests to complement the statistical significance tests in the biomechanical articles.
  • We believe that biomechanical researchers need to refer to the actual value of the functional significance in their studies to comprehend the results of such studies better. At the same time, use these results by basing future reviews on suitable theoretical and practical bases.
  • We also believe that researchers could do better by relying on advanced inferential statistics due to their significance in revealing the nested variables' relations.
  • A further recommendation is that the research papers that are accepted for publication in the refereed journals need to be reviewed by statisticians and referees.

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  • • To significantly reduce deaths from COVID-19, a combination of measures including prompt vaccination (especially for the at-risk population) with the beneficial impact of the vaccines in reducing the severity of disease, advances in treatment, expanded use of diagnostics, and better implementation of public-health policies are a necessity.
  • • Following this implementation, a transition toward normality could be expected when the mortality rate of COVID-19 simulates the average influenza statistics, with public-health measures continuing to play an important role worldwide. There has to be a realistic view concerning the duration of immunity and long-term vaccine safety (given the limited data available so far). Herd immunity might take longer than expected to establish.
  • • The authors feel that COVID-19 will be endemic in the human population like seasonal influenza and COVID-19 vaccines would be incorporated in seasonal influenza vaccinations as an add-on, being administered every winter for the next few decades at least! With adequate vaccination, the sporting world can withstand the challenges and hope to restart the global events that are getting back to normalcy as pre-COVID times.

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