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  • Considering the expansion and specialization of studies in the field of sports marketing, a study can also examine and compare the impact of sport on the attention of different groups of society such as athletes, non-athletes, fans, non-fans.
  • The other research can investigate the impact of age on attention to sports and non-sports advertising.
  • Another study can investigate and compare the amount of attention paid to national sports advertising with international samples.
  • Attention taking to sport ads should be compared using other neuromarketing tools such as ocular trackers, FMRIs, and so on.
  • The impact of sports scenes and advertising on other factors influencing advertising success, such as being pleasant, retention in mind, re-branding, etc. should be carefully examined considering different bands' changes and comparing them to non-sports advertising.

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  •        From an executive and practical point of view, the results of this study can provide useful information for sports marketers, manufacturers and sellers of sports and non-sports goods, sport clubs, sports industry policy-makers and advertising experts on increasing the effectiveness of advertising programs with regard to the frequency of sending advertisements based on the TARP phenomenon. In other words, our research has shown that it is better for advertising designers of sports manufacturing and services companies to adjust the number of advertisements based on the TARP phenomenon, since sending advertisement more or less than the standard tarp level reduces the influence of advertising on brand awareness and purchase intention of the customers.
  •        Additionally, due to the high cost of designing and sending each advertisement and since the results showed that sending advertisement more than the standard TARP level is less influential compared to sending advertisement at the standard TARP level, it is recommended for advertising companies that there is no need to spend costs more than the standard to get the maximum effectiveness of advertising and by saving the costs in this area they can use other advertising strategy such as celebrity endorsers and sponsoring sports events.
  •        Also, according to the results of this study, most of the statistical samples used at least one social media, so it is recommended to the activists and policymakers in the field of marketing and advertising to move away from traditional advertising space such as advertising billboards, television and so on and make more use of the Internet as a channel to communicate with their customers. In this regard, as it was found in the present study, in today’s Iranian society, telegram is considered as one of the most popular social media, so it is recommended for authorities in the area of communication to provide appropriate conditions to remove the filter of this application and provide the conditions for making the optimum use of it. Of course, we had some limitations of research such as the mere use of Telegram among the masses of social media, brand artificiality and statistical sample that is limited to the student and educated population. Before applying the results of this research, it is necessary to pay attention to the differences between the conditions of this study and those of new environment.

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  • Coaches explain to athletes the importance of psychological skills in achieving high levels of performance.
  • Coaches should note that the age of beginning a sport depends on the type of sports being practiced.

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  • Inhibition time can play an essential role in identifying stop and control processes.
  • The experimental method used in this research project can be used with great confidence in similar research fields because the results of this study are mostly consistent with the results of similar research.
  • Researchers should be more careful about using the principle of the No Return Point hypothesis. In laboratory conditions, they should control the type of variables and the type of task. However, the results of this study confirm the basics of this hypothesis.

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  • Finally, it is recommended to design comprehensive websites for the marketing of attractions that have the potential of sports tourism in Guilan province.
  • It is also recommended that specialty television channels be established for tourism and sports tourism due to the marketing and advertising of sports tourism events and potentials in Guilan province.
  • On the other hand, it is possible to develop cultural tourism programs on the radio to develop sports tourism in the province due to its cheapness and easy access to the radio.
  • There are also measures such as need assessment, persuasion, awareness, effective communication, and modern technologies in the media field that attract tourists in different fields.
  • Therefore, it is suggested to encourage people to watch and participate in these events through the imagery of the various sports facilities, capabilities, and attractions in Guilan province.

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  • In people with low back pain, the motor pattern and deep trunk muscles, which are responsible for maintaining the stability of the lumbar spine, change. Thus, more attention should be paid to exercise programs aimed at improving the lumbar spine stability and use them more widely in the treatment of these patients. For this purpose, it is necessary to perform stabilization exercises for training and retraining trunk muscles and control of extra trunk movements, and reduction of pain and disability in patients with low back pain, consequently.

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  • Brand equity makes the fans loyal.
  • The components of brand Authenticity are very important in creating a brand personality and brand equity, so Persepolis Club can improve its brand personality and increase brand equity by planning on these components such as history, fan communities, etc.
  • It is recommended that Persepolis Club establish its own museum. The establishment of the club museum shows the history and authenticity of the club brand.
  • It is recommended that Persepolis Club, by strengthening its fan base, control and guide their communities.

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This study provides data and information for coaches:
  • The last-minute of the competition was the highest intensity time in a three-minute competition (with 46.70% of attacks happening then).
  • The techniques of Ashi Barai and Gia Kuzuki were the most commonly used techniques among the techniques for scoring used by world champions what make the difference between world champions and other players.

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  • Parameters from the 3MT provide viable surrogates for MSS and ASR but more importantly, also provide valuable information regarding the critical metabolic threshold and fatigability constant in a much more time-efficient manner (i.e. a relatively straightforward 3-minute test).

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  • The findings of this study could be beneficial for coaches and policymakers. Moreover, all of the Indonesian people could also be benefited from this finding by providing equal opportunities for their children to participate and excel in all types of sports regardless of their gender.

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  • This study supports that a lumbar stabilization exercise program using respiratory resistance can improve motor function, psychosocial stability, balance, and respiratory pressure in female patients in their 40s with LBP.

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  • The training process requires a science and technology approach, as well as the support of the right methods to produce peak performance.
  • It is hoped that the results of this research adaptable for coaches, athletes, and physical education teachers in increasing the concentration of athletes so that athletes stay focused and able to anticipate, and possess the ability to make decisions quickly and accurately.

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  • For this reason, to develop recreational sports through new technologies, the responsible organizations are recommended to increase their flexibility and accept new and innovative sports ideas by nurturing and employing specialized forces so that they can develop these sports by having a technological sports ecosystem for interaction between different institutions.
  • Another solution is to increase the strength; sports technology should be accepted as a sub-discipline in universities so that we can nurture many experts in this field.
  • Moreover, the discussion of the demographic needs and potential of society should be seriously considered in the marketing of these technologies to create a link between the developments of society and technology.

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  • It was evident in this narrative review the lack of research on the extension of science misconduct in sports science research. It would be important to make a more in-depth assessment of the main problems and their extent in this area of research.
  • Given the results of this narrative review, it is concluded that to reduce the extent of scientific misconduct in the area of sports sciences, two strategies must be followed: (a) Include in the academic program (master's or doctoral) program contents that address ethical issues in scientific research and (b) The need to establish codes of conduct that identify the main practices of academic misconduct and the sanction to which the practitioner must be subjected.
  • This investigation highlighted the role of the tutor in demanding compliance with ethical requirements in the research process he is supervising, denouncing abusive behaviors, and direct the investigation to why those behaviors are not often reported.

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