year 10, Issue 1 (Spring 2022)  

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  • PageRank algorithm can evaluate team and player’s performance more reasonably. MLB’s data is used and applied in this study, but it is applicable in sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and others.
  • To apply it to many kinds of sports, it must confirm the PageRank algorithm’s validity considering each sport’s features.

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  • Goalkeeper reactive diving performances (DT) are enhanced by similar mechanisms when ingesting caffeine or completing a PAPE drill. The ergogenic improvements are likely to be transferred to on-field performances because DT was enhanced within practically meaningful ranges.

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  • Further work needs to be done to educate soccer players and coaches about the importance of implementing the CAE and its effectiveness in reducing groin injuries to enhance the CAE implementation.
  • Courses that emphasize the most updated Evidence-Based Injury Prevention Programs and exercises such as the CAE should be mandatory for all soccer players and coaches.

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  • The study recommends that Low-income rural women with neck and lower back pain who cannot afford to seek physician and rehabilitation centers consultancy can considerably benefit from rehabilitation programs and exercises, if demonstrated in a low-cost brochure, to improve their function capability in performing tasks and activates in their daily life.

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  • Not all patients with patellofemoral osteoarthritis have deficits in muscles around the knee joint.
  • Physical therapists should pay attention to mechanical deficits of all parts of the kinetic chain, not just the knee joint, when assessing patients with anterior knee pain.
  • Core stability exercise might effectively reduce pain in patients with patellofemoral arthritis.

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  • The findings of this study could be beneficial for the provincial governments as the only policymakers in developing their own performances and reputation in the national scale sports events.
  • This study also offers such insight in order to create performance-based equal pay among athletes nationally. This is aimed to minimize the problem of hijacking practices from one province to another.

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  • This article provides detailed suggestions for the unpredictable situation of golf coaches. These suggestions might help guide them through training in the future effectively. The theoretical model constructed for tacit knowledge transfer can be applied to research on other sports.
  • This study has some limitations. For instance, the model was constructed solely on transfer and absorption capacities, but variables such as satisfaction, loyalty, and learning burnout could also have been included. Future studies should consider including other variables contributing to knowledge transfer performance, such as coaches’ sense of well-being or self-efficacy.

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  • This study supports that YouTube-based virtual BL can improve fundamental movement skills learning outcomes of 5th-grade students in elementary school.

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  • From this aspect, the requirements of each position were separately examined.
  • Acceleration-based physical fatigue should be considered for CB, faster center-back players with higher quality and technique of passing for BP strategy, and center-back players with a higher rate of a win in the man-to-man competition for CA strategy.
  • For the WNG players, the physical and physiological load on the players is higher in CA strategy, and from the technical aspect, these players with a higher rate of ball regaining and being capable of decreasing man by running a distance with a ball in the open area are believed to play a more critical role thanks to the CA strategy.
  • The high number of MC players’ positive passing in the BP strategy highlights the importance of players’ passing quality in this strategy.
  • Moreover, the significant difference between the numbers of ball regaining emphasizes the importance of MC players’ ability to regain the ball, in contrast with the back and center-back players.
  • Among the WNG players, the physical and physiological loads vary significantly because of the strong effect of strategy.
  • Since the WNG players can tolerate, the loads mentioned above, the player selection and the training design are essential.
  • Moreover, the increase in the number of shots, which is the most critical factor affecting the score in the CA strategy, should be considered in planning the training aiming to improve the capacity of players who play in this field to finalize the action.
  • Several fundamental factors such as regaining the ball and quality of passing should be considered while selecting the wing players suitable for the BP game.
  • For the ST position, the effect of strategy for the specified parameters is at the highest level.
  • In the CA strategy, the physical and technical qualifications such as running distance in large areas and decreasing man should be combined with high-quality shots.
  • In the BP game, the most prominent qualification is the ability to pass, pressure-based ball regaining, and shooting.
  • In both strategies, the finalization capability of ST players should be improved as for WNG players.

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