year 10, Issue 2 (Summer 2022)  

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  • This study is judged to be used as basic information in selecting taekwondo athletes.
  • This study is considered vital information in nurturing elite athletes and confirms the relative age’s effect on various sports fields.

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  • Continuous monitoring of athletes’ level of emotional distress, especially among the vulnerable groups such as female and younger athletes, as shown in the data.
  • Ensuring psychosocial support services to these vulnerable population is easily accessible.

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  • Time-saving High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be used as an alternative to exercising therapy for people with obesity.
  • The effect of the 45 bp I/D UCP2 gene requires further research with a more significant number of participants and the availability of a more complete 45 bp I/D UCP2 genotype.

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In line with the results of this study, researchers recommend several things to the government, the community, and researchers:
  • First, the government needs to provide adequate financial support for physical activities as a form of investment related to improving the quality of Indonesian human resources. This study has proven that regular physical activity can improve the culprit's quality of life. Therefore, there needs to be a policy that encourages schools, government agencies, and non-governmental institutions, as well as the community, to carry out physical activities regularly. Physical activity must be designed as an inexpensive activity so that the whole community can do it. In addition, program diversification needs to be done by considering demographic characteristics, local conditions, economic levels, etc.
  • Second, new awareness must be raised that physical activity is necessary and therefore needs to be done regularly to fulfill it. The community has the right to receive sports services, including the availability of open space and sports human resources. If these rights have not been fulfilled, they must be fought.
  • Third, this research is ex post facto, in which the researcher does not give treatment to the subjects. So it cannot be ascertained that the positive impact on quality of life is sole as a result of physical activity undertaken by the subjects. Therefore, the same research needs to be done with an experimental approach.

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  • This study supports that partial weight-bearing ground gait training in chronic stroke patients can improve the patients' walking ability.

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  • The teachers should adapt PES learning conditions to the obese student by choosing the activity according to the students, their aptitudes, their level of ability, and their motivations.
  • Avoid placing the obese students in an awkward situation with their classmates.
  • Group students who have been partially exempted in a single class and offer them hours of support.
  • Intervene with parents to incite obese students to follow a suitable diet and to try to practice adapted physical and sports activities.

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  • We suggest building more multi-media teaching materials for indoor sports courses to improve female willingness to participate in sports.
  • It is recommended to increase the content of multi-media teaching materials and teaching time, guide students to invest in more learning opportunities, increase the proficiency of sports skills, and help improve students’ sports performance.
  • It is recommended to expand the age group of the research object, whether different ages will cause different learning results.
  • It is recommended that indoor sports courses should be planned for complete distance teaching materials, synchronized or non-synchronized teaching mode, in order to break through the innovative thinking teaching mode of physical education in the epidemic test in the future and to cultivate student’s independent learning ability after class through multimedia-assisted teaching.

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  • This study provides a comprehensive insight into the physiological demands of female and male golf players during 18 holes golf games.
  • It can be suggested that the female players should not compete in the same category as male players, despite the game being simplified by changing the course length.
  • In addition to that, endurance training programs should be different due to the different cardiovascular requisites of golf games in females and males.

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  • In this study, it was found that users of wearable fitness devices attach more importance to product informativeness and practical functionality. Therefore, the research and development of wearable fitness devices should strengthen the product's function and add video instruction and guidance through APP software, so that users can better understand how to improve exercise efficiency effectively.
  • At present, most of the loyal consumers using wearable devices are young people. However, in the face of the arrival of the aging society, the industry should focus on the research and development of products and marketing services for the elderly group and emphasize the basic functional requirements (health care, health management, information transmission) and the user interface (voice reminders, emergency assistance) to make the operation simple and easy to use, and launch the elderly group discount program to maximize the effectiveness of the product.
  • In addition, the motivation to use and exercise commitment are important variables that affect the individual's exercise engagement behavior. If we want to improve the exercise engagement behavior of wearable device users, we need to strengthen the commitment of individuals to exercise.

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