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Kinematics of Straight Right Punch in Boxing (9443 Downloads)
The Relationship between Organizational Commitment and Organizational Trust of Staff (6649 Downloads)
The Effect of Four Months of Detraining Following Eight Months of Corrective Exercises on Lumbar Lordosis of Schoolgirls (5726 Downloads)
Effects of a Low Intensity Circuit Resistance Exercise Session on Some Hematological Parameters of Male Collage Students (5550 Downloads)
Effects of Short-Term Interval Training Courses on Fitness and Weight Loss of Untrained Girls (5423 Downloads)
Happiness as a Predictor of Psychological Well-Being of Male Athlete Students (5317 Downloads)
Presentation of a Suitable Model for Knowledge Management Establishment in Sport Organizations: Delphi Classic Method (5110 Downloads)
Growth and Functional Development in 6 to 10 Years Old Soccer Players: Constraints and Possibilities (5103 Downloads)
Green Marketing and Its Impacts on Consumer Behavior in Sports Shops (5008 Downloads)
The Styles of Coping with Stress in Team and Individual Athletes Based On Gender and Championship Level (4559 Downloads)
The Effect of Contextual Interference on Acquisition and Learning Badminton Skills among Children aged from 10 to 12 (4502 Downloads)
The Relationship between Organizational Learning and Readiness for Change in the Staff of Physical Education Offices (4481 Downloads)
The Effect of Physical Biorhythm Cycle on Some Physical Fitness Factors of Adolescent Volleyball Players (4328 Downloads)
Analysis of Isfahan municipality’s action in planning the leisure time of citizenries with an emphasis on recreational activities (4301 Downloads)
Relationship between Leadership styles of Physical Education Department Managers with Sports Volunteers’ Satisfaction (4288 Downloads)
The Effects of Plyometric and Resistance Training on Explosive Power and Strength of Young Male Volleyball Players (4257 Downloads)
A Mini-Review of Track And Field’s Talent-Identification Models in Iran and Some Designated Countries (4191 Downloads)
Comparing Self-esteem and Self-concept of Athletic and Non-Athletic Students and Finding a Relationship between these two Variables (4183 Downloads)
Special Issue - First National Congress of “New Scientific Consequence for Iran’s Sport Development” (Lahijan Branch, Islamic Azad University, 2014, 10-11 December) (4080 Downloads)
Comparison of Conflict Management Strategies of Physical Education Office Managers Based on some Demographic Characteristics (3959 Downloads)
Fan Based Brand Equity (FBBE) Factor Analysis of Football in Iranian Premier League Clubs (3719 Downloads)
Social Development of Students Participating in Physical Activity and Computer Games (3610 Downloads)
The Relationship between Laboratory, Yoyo, and Hoff Tests in Determining Aerobic Capacity of Players of the National Women’s Soccer Team (3566 Downloads)
Designing a Development Strategy for the Public Sport – a Case Study in Mazandaran Province (3549 Downloads)
Effects of Eight Weeks Circuit Resistance Training on Pulmonary Function of Inactive Women (3498 Downloads)
The Effect of a Single Session of Eccentric Resistance Exercise on Some Parameters of White Blood Cells (3491 Downloads)
The Impact of Imagery on Self-efficacy and Volleyball Spike Performance: Mediating Role of Positive Self-talk (3354 Downloads)
Optimal Timing of Mental Practice on Learning the Volleyball Service Skill (3337 Downloads)
A Mini Review of Roof Structure Technologies for Stadiums based on Cortical Layer (3321 Downloads)
Psychological Skills of Elite and Non-Elite Volleyball Players (3257 Downloads)
Effects of Aquatic Exercise Training on Pain, Symptoms, Motor Performance, and Quality Of Life of Older Males with Knee Osteoarthritis (3234 Downloads)
The Impact of the First Goal in the Final Result of the Futsal Match (3176 Downloads)
The Effect of a Single Session of Moderate and Heavy Intensity Weight-lifting Exercise on Plasma Testosterone and Cortisol in Elite Male Weight-lifters (3062 Downloads)
Validity and Reliability of Sport Organizational Citizenship Behavior Questionnaire (2925 Downloads)
Plasma Apolipoprotein-M (ApoM) Response to a Circuit Resistance Training Program (2890 Downloads)
Nutrient Intake and Dietary Practices of Elite Volleyball Athletes during the Competition Day (2845 Downloads)
Effects of 8 Weeks Aerobic Training on the Social-Physical Anxiety in Women with Multiple Sclerosis (2799 Downloads)
The Relationship between Brand Image and Brand Trust in Sporting Goods Consumers (2782 Downloads)
Effect of Pyramidal Training on Plasma Lipid Profile and Fibrinogen, and Blood Viscosity of Untrained Young Men (2778 Downloads)
The Relationship between Knowledge Management and the Process of Entrepreneurship in Sport Organizations (2736 Downloads)
The Leadership Styles of the Heads of Physical Education Departments (2711 Downloads)
Liver ABCA1 Gene Expression in Male Rats: Effects of High-intensity Treadmill Running and Black Crataegus-pentaegyna (Siayh-Valik) Extraction (2699 Downloads)
Maximal Lipid Oxidation (Fatmax) in Physical Exercise and Training: A review and Update (2571 Downloads)
The Relationship of Core Strength with Static and Dynamic Balance in Children with Autism (2557 Downloads)
Short-Term Effects of Oral Feeding Jujube Ziziphus Solution before a Single Session of Circuit Resistance Exercise on Apoptosis of Human Neutrophil (2552 Downloads)
Bowlers’ Performances in 2013 Champions Trophy (2540 Downloads)
Factor Analysis of Teenage Athletes’ Goal Orientations and Sports Participation Motives in Leisure Time (2536 Downloads)
The Role of Birth Order and Birth Weight in the Balance of Boys Aged 9-11 Years Old (2527 Downloads)
Effective Factors on Sports Tourism: Emphasizing Development in Sports Natural Attractions (2477 Downloads)
Identifying sports cultural opportunity – Case Study of Mazandaran Province (2448 Downloads)
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