year 8, Issue 1 (Spring 2020)  

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Some essential measures suggested in most of the experts’ mental models:
- To pay more attention to infrastructures and the construction of home stadiums.
- Pay more attention to the quality of matches as the main product of football.
- Strategic planning to attract and retain spectators and turning them into fanatic and loyal fans.
- Providing desired services in stadiums.
- Encouraging the atmosphere of stadiums free of immorality and aggression.
- Paying close attention to the livelihood of spectators and fans.
- Using media as a powerful tool to create the desired inclination.
- Influencing the attitude of spectators toward attending matches in stadiums.

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- Future orientations for sport tourism researches can be further focused on specific areas of tourism, such as free zones and eco-tourism.
- Given Iran's capacity in sport tourism, it is necessary to publish more research articles in reputable foreign publications.
- Collaborative and interdisciplinary researches with geography, environment, and cultural heritage researchers can help to deepen and extend this scientific field.
- Researches can be generalized to other provinces whose potential is still unknown from this dimension.
- Directors of tourism in Iran can use sports and other attractions related to recreational activities for tourism development.

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- Considering the positive effects of moral orientation and its components on the level of performance of wrestlers, the following items are suggested:
- Managers, officials, and planners in the field of wrestling are recommended to provide a comprehensive training program for the promotion of ethics among wrestlers of different types in order to enhance their moral behaviors under the light of this program and increase their performance more than ever.
- The goals in terms  of the tasks (i e, how to set down and combining the tasks, the short- and long-term goals, assign tasks to practice and work, and finally paying attention to individuals’ differences in doing task), self-confidence, commitment, and coping stresses Individually in precise planning and in combination with modern teaching methods. Also, introducing the ones with better deontological ethics as a tenet can be useful.
- Sports psychologists should be invited to the wrestling camps for training the skills of proper dealing with opponents, control emotions, and empowering the athletes and the way to nurture these skills by psychologists periodically be reviewed to provide the context  for increasing the performance of wrestlers. It is also recommended to make an educational video that covers all educational aspects (illustration, concentration, mental practice) using various visual techniques for wrestlers.

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- The Students’ Behavior Self-evaluation Scale has appropriate validity and reliability as well as high sensitivity and is suitable in a multicultural education context during Physical Education’s lesson.
- The Physical Education’s teachers can use the SBSS to evaluate the social skills of their students.

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Concerning the results, it is suggested that, in order to reduce Plateauing and increase work motivation,
- Make the necessary adjustments between the field of study of the employees of the Department of Sports and Youth and the jobs of the organization;
- Designing jobs with new identities in sports organizations so that defined jobs become more attractive and increase the importance of the job from the perspective of the employee;
- If people with Plateauing, for any reason do not have the possibility of promotion in the Department of Sports and Youth, they are to be moved by considering equal jobs so as to decrease their uniformity and feeling of career plateauing;
- Make sure that job training (how to optimally do business, interact with clients, manage time, make good use of information technology, etc.) is made available to employees every six months to update their job knowledge.
- Intimate communication of supervisory section with employees and conversation about their job performance (to reduce organizational tension) must be done and managers of Departments of Sports and Youth must make enough effort to encourage employees to do workgroups and participate in workgroups through monthly and friendly meetings.

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- It is suggested that specialized working groups be designed for appropriate executive and operational programs and predict financial, human and facility resources to implement it.
- The strategies to increasing the number and variety of community events and sports festivals, maximum use of available sports space and facilities and organizing regular leagues and domestic and provincial matches have been proposed to remove current condition of futsal in Sulaymaniyah province.
- The results of SWOT analysis show that weaknesses overcome strengths and opportunities over threats, so conservative strategies (Improve internal weaknesses by exploiting existing opportunities) should be used.

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- Relevance of Videographic approach and kinematic software in tracing kinematic angles which were used for the combination of anthropometric variables in improving Nigerian female tennis performance.
- Determination of extent of relationship between kinematic and anthropometric variables of female tennis players using multiple linear regression analysis.

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  • The results of the present study confirm the effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on the improvement of symptoms of athletes with Bulimia Nervosa; So:
  • It is recommended that this protocol can be used for athletes with eating disorders, especially Bulimia Nervosa, because of the effectiveness and stability of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.
  • The Eating Disorder Diagnostic Scale (EDDS), along with a Semi-Structured Clinical Interview For DSM-IV Axis I Disorders (SCID-I) can be used in athletes to diagnose Bulimia Nervosa.

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- Competing basketball players as other competing athletes show high level of cognitive state anxiety, somatic state anxiety and self-confidence.

- Supplementation with a mixture of n-3 PUFAs and Schisandra chinensis extract plus vitamin D3, seem to have a positive impact and improve athletic performance.

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- The results found that students were satisfied with the blended program and online learning environments; satisfaction was generally high.
-Future research might also be conducted to determine students’ satisfaction levels, including theoretical and practical courses.
-It would be beneficial to replicate this study with a larger population sample in other faculties. Although this study endeavored to assess students’ blended learning satisfaction level in the school of Sports Sciences, the results of this study and the research that supports it provide a strong rationale for why including blended learning in sports school or higher education programs is essential.
-Focusing on high-quality lectures, improving the ability to use VLE (e-learning) and creating opportunities for students to develop their self-study could also help sports institutions to maintain high levels of student satisfaction on blended learning.

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